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Top 3 reasons why some people choose to Purchase over Lease.
1. You simply drive too many miles.
If you exceed the mileage allowance in your lease contract, you will be charged for the extra miles at a specified per-mile rate, usually a reasonable $0.20 per mile. A large mileage excess could result in a hefty charge, even at a reasonable per-mile rate. You can reduce your exposure if you “buy” the extra miles you expect to drive at the time of lease signing. You avoid the higher end-of-lease charge this way. If you choose this option, you will usually be refunded for any unused miles.
2. You don't have great credit.
Leasing normally requires a higher credit score than buying with a loan. For those with marginal credit, a large down payment or security deposit may allow you to be approved.
3. You want to be able to drive your car into the ground.
Many people like the fact that they aren't liable for any excessive wear and tear. However, several manufactures now offer leasing incentives. These incentives make it less expensive to lease a car and buy it out at Lease End rather than paying cash for the vehicle up front. Contact us for more information!
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