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Customer Reviews

Carlos T.

Temecula, CA

I would like to thank you Cori, Patrick, and Taylor for all you have done and the seemingly painless process for me to obtain this goal of mine. My experience with Autoline was a 5 star from the start to completion. 


Please see attached pics after she was tinted all around this morning.



Gerry D.

Los Angeles, CA

Got my new Audi yesterday.  The service and detail that was shown at the "drop off" was exceptional. 

The driver was right on time, took a considerable amount of time to show me around the car, and how things worked.  

She knew the car inside and out and answered most of my questions.  The car had been detailed, washed, 

(it had rained in LA) and was handed off in perfect condition.   A no hassle delivery that was a delight.

And, once again, I will complement both of you; Cori and Patrick for making me feel right at home with my first lease. 

 I have dealt with many cars (love them) but your service is one that I would recommend to anyone... 


Thanks again for an easy, seamless experience...”

Michael C.

Berkeley, CA


I’ve bought and sold quite a few cars in my time, generally finding it a time consuming and unpleasant business where you operate under a big handicap. However most recently I used an auto broker who was so outstanding and produced such an efficient and pleasant experience, I wanted to make others aware so they could experience this also. My COI declarations - I have no financial ties or benefits with this company at all, nor am I friends or relation with the owner, nor will I get a kickback or free product for sending out this email. Neither am I in the practice of sending out recommendations like this, in fact I never have before. 

Without boring you with the details, I was due for a new car (choosing to lease this time but it doesn’t matter as he does both) and was looking for a fairly high end Audi which was not in ample supply.  I started out working with a local dealer (yes, I know, foolish) but initially (for the first few weeks of dithering around) it sounded as though they could get me what I wanted. And I did get some test drives.

But as I narrowed down my choice of models, options, and colors, it turned out there were less than a dozen cars in the state of California that met any variation of my desired combinations, and when it came down to color, only one. On my own, I located this car at a dealer in the bay area but the dealer I was talking to contacted them and told me they had a buyer for the car and were not interested in trading. So there it was, the last opportunity for 2017 (the alternative was to order a 2018 car which wouldn’t appear for 4 months, and at an uncertain price since the 2018 prices hadn’t been announced yet.)

This was finally the point at which I came to my senses and call the broker (who handles all makes) recommended by my son.  Literally within hours he had data on every model that fit my parameters in the state, confirming the bad news. I told him about the Bay Area one I had found that “already had a buyer”, and that I had called the showroom and asked if the car was available for sale, and they said yes. I told the broker and one day later he had done a deal where he snatched this car off their lot (he does not work for this or any other dealership) and delivered it on a truck direct to my house, brand spanking new. Not only did he do that, but he got it for me at invoice price, which was roughly $4k less than MRSP (the dealer I had dealt with directly would not go below 1800 off MRSP). This was pretty amazing since the model was in limited production.

To top it all off, I had an old Audi I now needed to get rid of. I don’t know if you’ve sold an old car, but if you go to a dealer you get screwed, and if you sell it yourself you can get even more royally screwed. However this broker bought my old car straight from me with a cashier’s check at a fair price and took it away.

So overall, hours less of time spend on the whole project, and hours less time spent with evasive or dishonest salespeople. All paperwork handled for me, including DMV papers, and got unlimited access to one of the dealer’s “geniuses” (the people necessary to understand the complex technology of a modern car, and incidentally, usually women) who I can call at any time with questions.

At every step of this process, this guy was always ahead of the ball, had always anticipated everything, returned multiple phone calls promptly and in general personified great service. I can honestly say this has been the best customer service for anything that I’ve had probably ever.  It’s personified by what my son said when I told him the car was going to be delivered direct to me in one or two days, and he told me, “I don’t know, the way this guy works you better go down and look in your garage to make sure it isn’t in there already”. Not really hyperbole at all.

And what did this all cost me? $350 total, no extras, no tricks. It was worth that much just to bypass the dealer hassle, let alone get such a great price.


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